Up Your Puppy Dental Care Game

What comes to mind when we say “PUPPY TEETH”? Adorable! Razor sharp! Shark bite! Furniture shredders!
Yep, puppy teeth are as much menace as they are harbingers of cute.
Regardless of how you feel about your puppy’s teeth, one thing remains constant: establishing a dental routine early on sets the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Fortunately, PawReady makes that easy with their top tips — and tools — to make brushing your dog’s teeth a breeze!


Set Yourself Pup for Success:

PawReady’s dental care tools make brushing a breeze, ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your pup. The BrushMate toothbrush design features dual-size angled soft brush heads to gently clean all sizes of teeth, while the revolutionary BiteBlock makes brushing a breeze for you!

Start Early: 

Get your pup acquainted with dental care as soon as those puppy teeth make an appearance.

Make it Fun: 

Turn brushing into a positive experience. Introduce the process gradually and gently, use tasty toothpaste, and reward your pup for their cooperation.

Consistency is Key:

Regular brushing, made all the easier with PawReady’s specialized tools, is the secret to a happy, healthy smile — now and later on in life.

Don’t brush off doggy dental hygiene! Up Your Puppy Dental Care Game — good dental health is crucial for your pet’s overall health! With PawReady’s BrushMate and BiteBlock it’s never been simpler to keep your dog’s teeth sparkling, their breath fresh, their gums healthy, and your fingers intact. Stress free, efficient, easy: it’s the toothbrushing trifecta pet parents have been dreaming of since furever.

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