BrushMate Enzymatic Toothpaste

The Best Pet Toothpaste To Help Clean Your Pet’s Teeth

BrushMate: Best Pet Toothbrush

Why BrushMate Toothpaste?

Because it’s enzymatic! The best enzymatic toothpaste made only of natural ingredients to ensure over all clean teeth. Enzymatic dog toothpaste contains enzymes that help reduce bacteria, which can lessen tartar buildup and improve bad breath. Enzymatic toothpaste works by dissolving deposits chemically, before they harden into tarter which must then be removed with an instrument by a professional. Never use human toothpaste on your dog.

From Doggy Breath to Doggy Fresh

EASY TO USE: First let the dog taste the toothpaste before starting. Apply a small drop of toothpaste to toothbrush or finger brush. Start by brushing a few teeth then work up to brushing all teeth. Brush daily as you would your own teeth.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Only natural ingredients are used to ensure doggy fresh breath and over all clean teeth. Your dog will love our banana mint flavor.

ROUTINE BRUSHING: Removes plaque and buildup, combats doggy breath. Paw Ready Brushmate Enzymatic toothpaste efficiently and effectively maintains healthy teeth and gums and a fresh doggy mouth and breath.

ITs SAFE: Enzymatic gel can be used and is safe for all gods and puppies. Its a gentle way to clean your dog’s teeth and keep them healthy and happy.

DOG HEALTH: Prevent periodontal disease and future oral diseases and save on costly Vet bills by simply brushing your dog’s teeth.

Dental Care Enzymatic Safe Toothpaste for Dogs

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