Paw Ready Pet Toothbrushing Assistant

BITEBLOCK This works! I struggled before to keep my doggies mouth open during brushing, and even with a calm dog, it’s difficult to maneuver to the very back teeth! Very happy with this purchase.

Great product!

BITEBLOCK My dog was a beta tester with the creator of this product and it is extremely helpful in making sure you brush all surfaces of the teeth and to avoid getting bitten. To use it most effectively does take a bit of training first to teach your dog to accept it and hold it in their mouth while you brush the other side but if used correctly it is a fantastic tool.

Great Find

BRUSHMATE I love love love this toothbrush! My dog has an underbite, and the vet had warned me when he was a puppy that he’d need dental (expensive) if I didn’t keep his teeth brushed. I much prefer buying him a toothbrush and toothpaste to that expense and pain for him. This is by far the best brush I’ve purchased. He gets very excited seeing it and is excited to brush. The small end is the perfect size, and the angled varying length bristles are great for reaching his whole crooked smile. There’s even a gum massage feature & tongue cleaner. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Awesome toothbrush

BRUSHMATE This is by far the very best toothbrush I have ever used on my golden retriever. It has a very nice circular grip in the middle making it super easy to use!! The bristles are more like soft and sturdy all I know is I am very happy I purchased this toothbrush because it cut brushing his teeth in half the time and he doesn’t fight me with this one!! I will be purchasing again!!!

Gets the job done

BITEBLOCK BRUSHMATE COMBO I got this for my little Cattle Dog mix 🙂 Up until now we’ve been using those little silicone finger cover ones, but this one is a nice alternative for us. I found the wide center piece made gripping the toothbrush a little bit easier, but my dog didn’t seem to be as much of a fan on it. I think with time and lots of encouragement that she will warm up to it.
It met all my expectations! If your pup is a big biter while brushing, the bite block might be useful, but my dog just seemed to think it was a toy and it wasn’t helpful for us when it came to actually brushing her teeth.

Wish found this earlier

BITEBLOCK My dog used to chow the brush every time I brush her teeth. I wish I know this product exists before. This makes the teeth cleaning so much easier. I do take it out and my dog relaxes couple times when cleaning. Whoever design this, very brilliant and thank you!

Makes brushing easier & saves brush from being chewed up

BITEBLOCK BUSHMATE COMBO My dog will chew anything I put into his mouth, so brushing his teeth is a huge chore and the brushes I’ve been using never last very long. Fortunately, the BiteBlock gives him something else to chew as I work and gives me much better access to his pearly whites. I’m not sure how well this will work with smaller dogs & puppies, but my dog is 65lb and it works great. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a photo of it in use, but I’d need a third hand to take that particular picture!

Great for first time brushers

BUSHMATE My vet recently gave me the feedback that we needed to focus more on our dog’s dental hygiene. She recommended stainless steel bowls and more frequent brushing. Specifically, she recommended trying two different types of toothbrushes to see what our dog prefers – a more human type toothbrush (like this one) or a rubber finger topper where we effectively use our finger to brush his teeth. Our little guy has not had his teeth brushed by us before so we tried both. He HATED us trying to put the rubber finger topper in his mouth (I think he probably felt like we were giving him medicine / holding open his jaw. But this toothbrush was perfect – it was long enough that we could brush his teeth without holding his mouth open (just pushing his lip up a bit with our other hand). He doesn’t love having his teeth brushed, but he tolerated this way more than other alternatives.

Good option

BUSHMATEI was excited to get this because my dog hates having to brush his teeth and I thought the bite block would be a great option. My issue is that my dog thinks it’s a toy and just wants to chew it. the bite block fits nicely on your finger like a ring and if you have a dog that can sit still this would work great for you. I have no issue with the bite block but I do think the bristles on the brush are a little too stiff/hard. It’s still a nice brush with a great reach. I use it on his back teeth with little to no pressure. If you have no problems brushing your dogs teeth this is a gods option

Simplifies the way I clean my pet's teeth

BITEBLOCK BRUSHMATE COMBO I got this because my dog is a total jerk and just refuses to let me bush his teeth. I’m not sure if he thinks its a game we play or he’s just allergic to being clean, but every time I try to clean his teeth, its a long, drawn-out process. I watched to training video and started to work on that with my dog. He seems to be responding well, but does struggle between wanting to run away and biting on the biteblock. I will probably have to go through a few more training sessions before I can give so more concrete opinion on the effectiveness of the product. Although my dog is still struggling with getting his teeth cleaned, the process is much much better. This is probably due to the biteblock. He now has another variable to distract him from the actual cleaning process, so I did find it easier than before. Of course this is a your miles may vary type of product, so your experience with your pet may be better or worse than mine. Without a doubt, cleaning my dog’s teeth has become so much more enjoyable compared to before. That’s a win in my book.

Love this set!

BITEBLOCK BRUSHMATE COMBO I absolutely love this toothbrush and the bite block. The bite block is what encouraged me to make the purchase. I have a dog who clenches their teeth and it’s such a pain to brush her teeth.
This made things so much easier and I was able to really see inside her mouth and her her teeth cleaned. The toothbrush is great, and I love both ends for brushing either the big or small teeth (or trying to get in smaller areas).

Love this!

BITEBLOCK BRUSHMATE COMBO I got this item mainly for the bite block because I have a ton of other toothbrushes for my dog already. I do have to say that both the bite block and brush are great! It used to be so difficult brushing my dog’s teeth without the help of someone else, but the bite block has made the process easier and I can now brush my dog’s teeth without needing assistance.

Love this

BITEBLOCK BRUSHMATE COMBO My puppy is not the easiest dog to brush their teeth. I love how the tooth brush is long and comes with a bite guard. I was able to safely brush the teeth without a fuss.