BrushMate Pet Toothbrush Blog

A New Product

For our canine companions, regular brushing a day will keep the vet away! Brushing your pet’s teeth consistently is of utmost importance when maintaining good and proper oral health for them. It is crucial to use the best products when brushing your pet’s teeth in order to ensure safe and proper brushing. Our company, BrushMate wanted to introduce the best possible pet toothbrush through our line Paw Ready. The key to this was focusing on the pet as the top priority, really thinking about how to make the brush the most effective for pets and their owners.

Introducing the BrushMate Dual-Ended Brush

Introducing the BrushMate Dual-Ended Brush which comes in both blue and orange. Experts say that brushing your pet’s teeth is the best way to prevent dental issues down the road. As pets may be uncomfortable with having their teeth brushed often; having a nice and soft toothbrush will allow for your canine companion to easily get accustomed to. Having a toothbrush that is soft against your dog’s teeth is the way to go, preventing any sort of discomfort that may happen. The BrushMate Dual-Ended Brush is designed having the most extra soft and angled bristles, aiding in removing any plaque buildup or food debris that may be present. Its dual sized angled brush heads gently work to clean all sizes of teeth.

Key Features

The BrushMate Dual-Ended Brush is perfect for your canine companions due to the phenomenal key features that it possesses. It has an ergonomic handle with a flat centre that enhances grip control, making it easier than ever to brush your puppy’s teeth. The long neck of the brush makes reaching harder-to-reach areas an easily unthinkable task. As well, the special rubber stimulators gently massage pets’ gum while the tongue cleaner simultaneously helps remove bacteria.The BrushMate Dual-Ended Brush does it all and more, and your canine companion is assured to love it! For more information visit to purchase yours today.