The Similarities Between Human and Pet Teeth and

Why it is necessary to brush your and your pets teeth?

What many people do not realize is that human teeth are extremely similar to our canine counterparts’ teeth! The great need is also extremely prominent there in terms of the importance and necessity of daily brushing. Both humans and pets have two sets of teeth during their lifetime. Baby teeth later develop into adult teeth. it is crucial during both stages of the tooth lifetime for them to be protected and cared for. Experiencing problems with teeth is something that is unfortunately common with both dogs and humans.


As humans, we eat a variety of foods that affect our teeth in all different ways. Both humans and animals have similar teeth structures. As well as similar issues when it comes to risk of tooth decay. A typical adult mouth consists of 32 teeth, consisting of canines, molars, incisors, etc. Each of the different types of teeth perform differently in order to upkeep its individual functions.


Our canine companions’ teeth are extremely similar to the structure and life cycle of human teeth throughout their lifetime. They go through two sets of teeth throughout their years of life. With the canine teeth being the most powerful and eminent part of the mouth. When canine companions lost their natural baby teeth; the adult teeth grow in which aid in defence, eating, holding items, etc.

The Importance of Brushing your and your Pets’ teeth

Both humans and our canine companions can experience major problems when it comes to dental hygiene if not taking proper care of their teeth. Gum disease and tooth decay are of the most prevalent concerns, if daily brushing does not ensue. The most common dental problem seen in pets is periodontal disease, estimated that more than two-thirds of pets over the age of three suffer from some degree of the disease. With that being said, it has been estimated that only 2% of pet owners brush their pet’s teeth daily. It is so very important that steps are taken to ensure that your canine companions’ oral health is protected by daily brushing. It is extremely necessary to brush your and your pets teeth. Just like yourself, the importance of brushing stays on top as a priority and a preventative measure to avoid tooth decay at all costs! Daily brushing a day keeps the dentist away!