BrushMate Toothbrush Now Available for Subscriptions!

The BrushMate Toothbrush

As you may be already aware the most common dental problem seen in pets is periodontal disease, estimated that more than two-thirds of pets over the age of three suffer from some degree of the disease. Dental cleaning procedures for pets by a vet cost between $500 and $3,000 depending on whether an extraction is needed. As a canine companion owner, it is essential for you to provide the best dental care in order to keep your pet healthy. Brushing your pet’s teeth is essential to preventing periodontal disease and other diseases, and with the BrushMate Toothbrush and BiteBlock, there are no excuses for not keeping your pet’s dental health top priority. BrushMate Toothbrush Now Available for Subscriptions

You can subscribe to one, two, three or four BrushMate Toothbrushes, shipped every three, four or six months.

  • 1 x BrushMate Toothbrush at $6.49 USD per shipment.
  • 2 x BrushMate Toothbrush at $12.99 USD per shipment.
  • 3 x BrushMate Toothbrush at $16.99 USD per shipment.
  • 4 x BrushMate Toothbrush at $19.99 USD per shipment.

Shipping is charged for the first order only. All subsequent subscription deliveries have free shipping!

Our newest product, the BrushMate Toothbrush, comes in two colors can be used with the BiteBlock so that even the busiest of pet owners to clean their pet’s teeth regularly.


Check out the unique features:

  • Dual size angled soft brush heads to gently clean all sizes of teeth.
  • An ergonomic handle with a flat center that enhances grip control.
  • A long neck for hard to reach areas.
  • Special rubber stimulators gently massage pets’ gums.
  • Tongue cleaner to help remove bacteria.