How To Prep Your In-Home Pet Sitter

When you have travel plans, figuring out the best situation for your pets is a top concern. How To Prep Your In-Home Pet Sitter. You want your fur babies to be comfortable and calm while you are away. Leaving them at home in familiar surroundings with a pet sitter will reduce their anxiety and yours.

If you don’t have friends or family members who can help while you are gone, you can find a professional pet sitter to offer in-home care. Once you choose an experienced caretaker, make a plan to ensure they have everything they need for success. Paw Ready shares more about how to prepare for your pet sitter experience.

Choose In-Home Pet Care for Stress Reduction

Having someone come into your home to care for your pets is an excellent option if you have multiple animals. It is also helpful if you have pets with high anxiety or special needs. Professional pet sitters have the experience and training to provide proper care and handle emergencies. Your pets will also avoid exposure to other animals with possible illnesses.

Additionally, your pets will experience less stress if they stay in their homes while you are traveling. According to Nature Briefing, a study reported that 72.5% of dogs exhibit behavior consistent with anxiety. When a sitter spends time at your house, your four-legged friends enjoy companionship, attention and playtime that will minimize their anxiety. But make sure your pet sitter understands your pet’s experience with anxiety, and tell them to look out for signs of stress, like excessive urination, constant scratching, or sudden mood changes.

Find a Pet Sitter

Start by asking friends and neighbors if they have recommendations for animal care. Then, search online for a pet sitter locator. There are professional pet care organizations that can assist you with finding an experienced professional. Check insured and bonded companies to verify they have a business license. Read reviews and client testimonials.

After vetting candidates:

Prepare Your Pet’s Caregiver

Ensure the person watching your animals knows the ins and outs of your pet’s routine and care needs. Explain the routines of each pet so your furry friends can remain on the same schedule during your absence. Make sure the sitter knows the rules your pets must follow.

Write down any health concerns and list medications with dosage amounts and administration times. Provide the sitter with a file of essential documents and phone numbers in case an emergency occurs.

Provide the Necessities

Take some time to ensure your dogs or cats have enough food, treats and necessary medications to last while you are gone. Label the food containers and write detailed feeding instructions. Show the pet sitter where your pets like to sleep, where they keep their toys and how they prefer to interact. Set out leashes, poop bags, collars and tags.

Let the caretaker know where to find the carrier if they need to take your pets to the vet. Relay all pertinent information regarding your house, including alarm codes, keys, heat or air conditioning settings, door and window locks and other details.

If your pet is used to having regular teeth cleaning, make the process easier on your pet sitter by providing them with the Bite Block and Brush Mate from Paw Ready. Because even the best trained dog can struggle with teeth cleaning.

Ensuring Good Communication

Give your pet sitter your itinerary and set up a schedule for daily check-ins. Provide your cell phone number, email address and hotel phone numbers. In addition, leave numbers for emergency contacts, neighbors, your veterinarian and your preferred emergency pet hospital.

Prepare for a Stress-Free Vacation

Hiring a qualified pet sitter to come to your home while you are traveling offers many benefits. Your pets will experience less stress when in their own home, and you can relax knowing they have the proper care. So take the time to find the right person for you and your pet, and prepare both your house and your pet’s supplies before you leave. With a little preparation, your time apart can be a pleasant experience instead of a stressful one.