The Best Way to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

There is no one specific way that pet owners stick to when brushing their dog’s teeth. It is about finding the best way that you observe works for both you and your dog. Brushing your pet’s teeth doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and can actually be one that is quick, easy, and efficient. With these tips and tricks, we will help you find the best way to brush your dog’s teeth!

Numerous studies have shown that dogs respond better to having their teeth brushed with a brushing aid. Our product, The BiteBlock by Paw Ready is a brushing aid tailored specifically to ensure brushing your dog’s teeth is a good experience for both the dog and their pet owner.

Tip 1- Go at Your Dog’s Pace

You want to ensure that your dog is comfortable according to their behaviour. It is important to create a positive environment to ensure that your dog associates brushing their teeth with a positive experience. Overtime with daily brushing, your dog will begin to cooperate with you more and more as they get used to these positive repetitive oral health care activities. It is important to progressively build up brushing sessions over time, until your pet is comfortable with the BiteBlock.

Tip 2- Consider Comfort

It is important you are using a toothbrush and brushing aid that is comfortable for your dog. The BiteBlock is made of a flexible natural rubber material that will help protect your dog’s gums and roof of their mouth from getting hurt while brushing. The natural rubber material also helps protect your fingers from getting bitten. Canine companions come in all different shapes and sizes, and as a result the BiteBlock takes this into account coming in 3 different sizes depending on your dog’s weight.

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Tip 3-Make Sure You Follow Instructions

It is drastically important to follow instructions upon brushing your pet’s teeth to ensure a smooth experience. The BiteBlock makes it very easy to do so with just four very simple steps to using the aid:

  1. Small & Medium: Insert the BiteBlock onto your middle finger, having the grooved edge facing upwards, with the BiteBlock’s bite surface perpendicular to your palm. Position your index finger between the grooves to secure the BiteBlock in place.

Large: Insert the BiteBlock onto your middle or index finger with the BiteBlock’s bite surface perpendicular to your palm.

  1. Insert the BiteBlock into the side of your pet’s mouth, allowing your pet to bite down on the BiteBlock. With the hand holding the BiteBlock, place your thumb on top of the snout, using your bottom two fingers to steady the jaw under the snout.
  1. Using a toothbrush with your other hand, brush your pet’s teeth on the opposite side of the BiteBlock, making sure to brush the inside and outside.
  2. Upon completion, remove the BiteBlock from your pet’s mouth, and repeat the previous steps on the other side of your pet’s mouth, using the BiteBlock on your opposite hand.

For more information and to order a BiteBlock today, visit our store website at! Happy brushing!