Why People Don’t Brush Their Dog’s Teeth

A new study by BarkBox found that nearly 70% of dog parents have never brushed their dogs’ teeth. Failing to brush your dog’s teeth is definitely not okay, but most pet owners avoid brushing their pet’s teeth for various different reasons. Most pet owners are not properly trained in caring for their dog’s teeth and are not aware of the consequences of this. Not having a sufficient routine for brushing is something that all pet owners should avoid. People don’t brush their dog’s teeth for multiple reasons; some of which include: 


Pet owners find it inconvenient to spend a lot of time brushing their pet’s teeth. They often find it time consuming, and a daunting task. Therefore, many pet owners neglect brushing their pet’s teeth for the overall lack of convenience. On the flip side, once a routine is established, especially with the help of our brushing aids; The BiteBlock and BrushMate, brushing your pet’s teeth will become a quick and easy task.  

Dogs Get Frustrated

If your pet is not used to having their teeth brushed, they may be fussy at first and get frustrated easily. It can seem challenging to get your pet to cooperate with you, and for this reason many pet owners seem to avoid this task. Upon learning and getting used to a routine of brushing, your pet will be patient with you. Practice makes perfect! 

Insufficient Alternatives to Brushing

Some pet owners believe that they do not need to brush their pet’s teeth, as they view dental chews as a good alternative to brushing. While dental chews may be advertised in this sense, this is far from the truth and does not fill the void of not brushing your pet’s teeth. Oral health experts do not recommend this, and pet owners must not replace dental chews with brushing their pet’s teeth. 

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