What Toys Can I Make at Home For My Dog?

Pets love to play all day and every day! Some might say that their dog gravitates towards a few specific toys, with most of the time being the same noisy one. Pet owners are always looking for the next best thing to give to their dog for toys to keep them occupied during the day. Have you ever thought of getting creative with your toys for your dog at home? Pet owners have begun to think outside the box; getting creative with dog toys to make at home for your dog. Here are a few ideas of toys that you can make at home for your dog to play with!

A Rope Toy

You can take a rope and either tie multiple ropes together or even braid a few together. Your dog will love this for a fun game of tug of war, or you could even hide treats inside the ropes to create an enriching toy for your dog. It then becomes an elevated game toy for your dog.

The Random Socks

The old random socks that have been sitting in the bottom of your laundry hamper can double up for a makeshift ball! It is super easy to make and it just calls for placing a tennis ball or any tough ball inside and knotting it. Your pup will chase it like no tomorrow and will hopefully give your dog some exercise during the day.

Treat Puzzle

Finally, you can easily make a puzzle for your pup to keep them simulated and give them something to play with. You can do this by taking a cardboard box and cutting out various holes within the box. Decide where to hide the treats within the box and let your pup figure out the rest.

It is very important to make sure that your dog is being safe and is not ripping through any of the homemade toys that you are giving them. It is also essential that you are using materials and resources that are non-toxic and that are safe for your pet to use. Be mindful of the size of your pup, their biting and chewing habits, as well as the type of toys they tend to gravitate towards when getting creative with making dog toys.