How to Move Somewhere New With Your Pet – Stress-Free!

Changing your place of residence for a new one is exciting when you feel you are ready to move on. Your pet, on the other hand, may be feeling differently about this altogether. Stress-Free Move with With Your Pet. Moving can be extremely stressful for animals, since they don’t understand what’s happening and tend to feel secure with a routine. To help make this big change as smooth and low-stress as possible, explore these ideas, courtesy of Paw Ready.

Finding a property

Finding a pet-friendly property will probably be your main point of focus. Maybe a larged, fenced area, a walkable neighborhood, and a nearby dog park are among your priorities.

  • If you’re thinking about buying a fixer-upper, make sure you understand what you’re getting into.
  • Buying in an HOA? Confirm with your Home Owner’s Association whether pets are indeed allowed.
  • Get to know the neighborhood a bit through apps such as Mycoop and Olio to check whether they are a pet-friendly bunch, too.
  • If you’re moving a long distance, ask for live online tours to help narrow down your search.
  • Have your priorities written down when viewing or visiting potential homes; it’s easy to forget important points when you’re caught up in the moment.

Make it feel like home sooner rather than later

It can be difficult to settle into a new place if it doesn’t feel at home. The same applies to your pet. Ease the transition with some basics and bring your routine along to the new digs.

  • Designate an area in your new home for your furry family member as soon as you arrive so that she feels comfortable from the start.
  • Bring all her familiar belongings with her, so she can cling to these items when she feels anxious.
  • Food should remain the same if at all possible.
  • While it’s tempting to wash everything you’re bringing into the new home, leave some things, like your pet’s bedding, as-is. The familiar scent will help Fido or Fifi feel more comfortable.

Reduce stress for you and your pet

Stress is something we all have to contend with. But it’s vital to keep this hormone at healthy levels at all times. Your pet will be grateful for it, too, as they can sense your anxiety when you’re feeling stressed.

  • Use a moving company to make things a lot easier on yourself.
  • Take a break or leave from work if you feel like working and moving is too much to deal with all at once.
  • There are supplements and prescriptions available to help your pet feel more relaxed. You can give CBD to your cat or your dog, a storm vest can help keep your pooch calm, or your vet might prescribe something.
  • Be with your pet as much as possible to set her mind at ease that all will be alright with her new surroundings.

Your move should be a pleasant one for your pet, also. You can help create the ideal scenario by planning wisely ahead of time, sticking to a routine, and having the right pet products to ensure she feels every bit the pampered family member she is. And lean into services to help with your work, business, and pet care as needed. With good planning and some TLC, you and your pet’s move will go smoothly.

Paw Ready is here to help you give your pets the dental cleaning they need to feel their best. Let us know if you have any questions!