Brushing Pets Teeth as a form of Bonding?

Most owners become discouraged from brushing after their first attempt not because their dog is too difficult, but because the owner has not accompanied brushing with a proper training session. Brushing is not supposed to be difficult it is supposed to be a bonding experience that creates trust between both you and your pet. Does it work: Brushing teeth as a form of Bonding.

Set a Routine

Pet owners know how important a routine is for their little friends from having breakfast right at 8am to dinner at 6pm, a pets know their schedule and trust that their owner will adhere to it. Pets rely on their routine, and this also goes for brushing. Spending five minutes a day brushing your dog’s teeth is a fantastic way to build a trusting bond with them. At the start, like any new habit that becomes an important part of a pet’s schedule, it is hard, but after more practice it becomes second nature and even fun. Although at the start pets might not let you brush their teeth, coming back every single day and trying repeatedly until they finally let you is a great accomplishment. Pets rely on training, and that is what connects them to their owner, so we recommend practicing brushing daily and rewarding our little ones with lots treats. Not to mention after a little bit of time you can see their growth, from them growling and biting to licking and kissing every moment will be cherished.

Pet owners should make sure to start brushing their pets’ teeth when they are a puppy as it really is a quick and fun way to become friends forever.