Let us get straight to the point, there are many costs to not brushing your pets’ teeth that even if you decide to skip through this blog, you should take away one thing to always brush your pet’s teeth! If you have stayed let us, get into the actual price of not brushing your dog’s teeth. 

Your Pet’s Health

Remember not brushing might be a relief for you but think about how bad it can be for your pets. Pets just like us have feelings, although since they cannot talk it is hard for them to convey their needs. As an owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is healthy and comfortable, including brushing their teeth for their oral hygiene. Here are four of the most common health issues we see when owners neglect brushing their pets’ teeth. 

  1. Periodontal disease may cause inflammation in the mouth affecting the tissues around their teeth. 
  2. Painful cavities can arise which are difficult to refill and result in teeth falling out and inability to chew. 
  3. Neglecting brushing can result in the immune system and bloodstream becoming compromised. 
  4. Plaque buildup can cause gum disease which can lead to bone loss and chronic pain.  

Remember these are only a few of the key issues that can occur from not brushing.  

Your Wallet

Vet fees are one of the biggest expenses that owners do not think about before becoming a pet parent. After taking your pet to the vet for the first time, it is clear how expensive it can become if you are not properly taking care of your pets. Vet prices range depending on what is needed but let us make one thing clear no matter how much it varies it will not be fun to pay. Especially for dental services, vets tend to raise prices as it is an effortless way for them to make money. Here are four of the most common procedures and costs associated with vet dental services. 

  1. When looking at a cleaning using a general practitioner, they can charge between $200 to $950. 
  2. The most basic cleaning that simply involves scaling and polishing can cost $200 to $600. 
  3. When x-rays, exams, and extractions are needed, they can charge between $800 to $1300. 
  4. When adding anesthesia, it can cost another $200 to $500 on top of the original amount 

This is only the average we see across the country, and we know vet bills can increase depending on the severity of the case, tools needed, and amount of time they spend to fix the problem. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on these services an investment in a toothbrush, toothpaste, and not to mention a little bit of your time will go a long way in saving your money so you can spoil your pets in other ways. 

Take Away

Always Brush! No matter how difficult your dog can be, proper dental hygiene is essential for the safety of your pets. Taking a few minutes, a day to brush will save your dog from disease and expensive vet trips that take a bite out of your wallet. Brushing is the key to prevention and the price of not brushing Is too high to avoid so it is up to you to start now. Don’t pay the price of not brushing your dog’s teeth.