When Should You Start Brushing a Puppy’s Teeth?

You might be wondering, when is a good time to start brushing my puppy’s teeth? Until how long can I put it off without causing any harm to my pup. Well; the simple answer is that you should start as soon as possible. You are not only doing your pup a favour but also yourself as a pet owner.

You must provide your canine companion the greatest dental care you can manage. As a canine companion owner you want to keep them healthy. Only 2% of pet owners are thought to regularly brush their animals’ teeth. Periodontal disease is the most prevalent dental issue that affects pets. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of animals over the age of three have the condition to some degree. Periodontal disease and other oral disorders can be prevented by regularly brushing our pet’s teeth. With the BiteBlock and the aid of our new toothbrush, there are no longer any justifications for neglecting to maintain your pet’s dental health.

The BiteBlock

Because it is a time-consuming activity and some dogs are difficult to train, pet owners may dread brushing their pets’ teeth. Despite the stereotypes that cleaning a dog’s teeth is difficult, it is actually a lot more straightforward and easier than you might think. The BiteBlock is a device that makes brushing your pet’s teeth the simplest and most effective method possible, relieving both you and your pet of any stress. The game of brushing your pet’s teeth will never be the same thanks to our device, the BiteBlock. This item not only works well for cleaning your pet’s teeth, but it also promotes general good dental health in our canine friends.

Our New Product; The Brush Mate Toothbrush

Even the busiest pet owners can routinely brush their pets’ teeth. With the help of the Brush Mate toothbrush, which is designed to work with the BiteBlock. And is available in two colours. This brush is designed with specific bristles to ensure that your canine companion has nice, clean pearly whites, further aiding pet owners in their oral care efforts. The brush contains dual size angled soft brush heads to clean all sizes of teeth. While it is not only comfortable for the pup, it is comfortable for pet owners due to its ergonomic handle with a flat center that enhances grip control. The brush is also made with a long neck to get those hard to reach areas. With the BiteBlock and the Brush Mate, you can revamp the way you brush your pet’s teeth right now!

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