What Happens if I Don’t Brush my Puppy’s Teeth?

Brushing your puppy’s teeth is one of the most essential things of keeping your canine companion healthy. Oral hygiene for pets consists of daily brushing. if I Don’t Brush my Puppy’s Teeth plaque has the potential to build up, putting your dog at risk for many oral health problems and diseases. The sooner you start brushing your puppy’s teeth, the easier it will become. Practice makes perfect, and being consistent with this task is essential to maintaining the proper oral health of your pup. 

There is no one specific way that pet owners stick to when brushing their dog’s teeth. It is about finding the best way that you observe works for both you and your dog. Brushing your pet’s teeth doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Brushing your pup’s teeth can actually be quick, easy, and efficient. With these tips and tricks, we will help you find the best way to brush your dog’s teeth! 

Numerous studies have shown that dogs respond better to having their teeth brushed with a brushing aid. Our product, The BiteBlock by Paw Ready is a brushing aid tailored specifically to ensure brushing your dog’s teeth is a good experience for both the dog and their pet owner.  

Tip 1- Go at Your Dog’s Pace 

According to their conduct, you want to make sure your dog is at ease. To ensure that your dog associates brushing their teeth with a happy experience, it is critical to establish a positive environment. Your dog will start to comply with you more and more as you clean their teeth every day. Allow them to become used to these beneficial repetitious oral health care activities. It’s critical to gradually increase the number of brushing sessions as your pet becomes accustomed to the BiteBlock. 

 Tip 2- Consider Comfort 

It’s crucial that you give your dog a nice brushing experience by using a toothbrush and other tools. The BiteBlock is composed of pliable natural rubber, which will help prevent damage to your dog’s gums and mouth roof while brushing. The natural rubber substance also aids in preventing bites to your fingers. The BiteBlock, which comes in three sizes based on your dog’s weight, recognises that canine friends come in a variety of shapes and sizes.