Top 9 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

This May, celebrate National Pet Month by showering your animal companion with extra love, treats, adventures, and good deeds! Here are nine ideas to get you started. Top 9 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month.

May is National Pet Month, the annual celebration that recognizes the joy that animal companions bring to people’s lives, promotes responsible pet parenthood, and encourages adoption from shelters and rescues. Animal shelters, pet stores, and veterinary clinics often hold special events, but if you can’t make it to any local celebrations, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate National Pet Month with your furry, feathered, or scaled friend!

1. Explore Something New

Adventures are a great opportunity to bond, get exercise, and allow your dog or cat to experience something different. Go for a hike, check out a cat café, expand your catio, or find a new swimming hole.

2. Bake Treats!

You may bake for yourself or your two-legged family, and May is the perfect month to try your hand at homemade dog and cat treats. Just remember to use healthy, pet-friendly, biologically appropriate ingredients.

3. Plan a Playdate

Is your fur baby a social butterfly who loves playing with friends and making new ones? Celebrate National Pet Month with a playdate for your animal companion at home or at a dog park.

4. Volunteer

Most local animal shelters are always looking for extra hands. Stop into a rescue, shelter, or other animal-based organization to see how you can help them and the animals in your community.

5. Donate

Don’t have time to spare? No worries—you can always donate to your local animal organizations! Financial donations are great, but you can also donate food, blankets, toys, and other goods.

6. Adopt a New Family Member

May is the perfect time to add a new four-legged member to your family, so you might as well stop in at a local rescue or shelter and see who’s there!

7. Spoil Them with a New Toy

Play keeps dogs and cats active, and it’s an opportunity for you to bond. You can make your own DIY toys if you’re feeling crafty or take them to a pet-friendly pet store so they can pick out a toy.

8. Spend Quality Time Together

Quality time can look like playing together, giving them pets or a massage, curling up and watching a movie together, or even teaching them a new trick.

9. Take Care of Business

As you celebrate National Pet Month, don’t forget to book an annual vet appointment, give them a bath, go to the groomer, or trim their nails. And definitely don’t forget to brush their teeth!

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