Pet Toothpaste – Banana Mint Flavor – 1 Pack 70g

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Paw Ready Toothpaste for Dogs: from Doggy Breath to Doggy Fresh Dog Dental Care Enzymatic. Cleans Teeth and Freshens Breath. Safe for Puppies, Clinical Care, Banana Mint Flavor – 1 Pack 70g (2.5 oz)

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  • EASY TO USE - First let the dog taste the toothpaste before starting. Apply a small drop of the toothpaste to toothbrush or finger brush. Start by brushing a few teeth then work up to brushing all teeth. Brush daily as you would your own teeth
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Only natural ingredients are used to ensure doggy fresh breath and over all clean teeth. Your dog will love our banana mint flavor.
  • ROUTINE BRUSHING - Removes plaque and buildup, combats doggy breath. Paw Ready Brushmate Enzymatic toothpaste efficiently and effectively maintains healthy teeth and gums and a fresh doggie mouth and breath.
  • ITs SAFE - Enzymatic gel can be used and is safe for all dogs and puppies. Its a gentle way to clean your dog's teeth and keep them healthy and happy.
  • DOG HEALTH - Prevent periodontal disease and future oral diseases and save on costly Vet bills by simply brushing your dogs teeth.

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