Great Dog Teeth Cleaning Tips Blog

Do you want your pup to have those pawfect teeth that all pet owners strive for? While we all know that brushing your pet’s teeth has a difficult stigma around it, it does not have to be anywhere near difficult. With these tips, brushing your pet’s teeth will become second nature leaving your pup to live a much happier and healthier life.

Tip #1

A comfortable environment= a comfortable process. The first tip that can make or break the teeth brushing process is the environment that it takes place in. Making sure that your pup is in a recognizable environment is the first step on the path to keep them calm and relaxed. This way, they won’t feel antsy or anxious, giving less pushback when you began to brush their teeth. The goal is to provide a positive experience for your pup, leaving them with only positive thoughts towards brushing their teeth.

Tip #2

Make sure to use products specifically designed for pets, such as a pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste. It makes the biggest difference, and especially when first getting accustomed to a routine, the lightest and proper approach must be taken. Especially since the goal is to progressively work your way towards brushing your pup’s teeth often, the right materials must be used to get that desired effect of the process.

Tip #3

Pick up a gadget that makes the teeth brushing process more easy, efficient, and effective. Our highly recommended and sought-after product, the BiteBlock does exactly just that. With the BiteBlock, brushing your pet’s teeth has never been easier, and is the best tip I highly recommend especially if you are new to brushing your pet’s teeth. The BiteBlock has many benefits such as: prevents your fingers from being bitten, helps steady your pup’s jaw so that it says open for easy access, and it works to makes sure that the teeth brushing process runs smoothly. For more information on the BiteBlock checkout or @pawready on Instagram.